Overview of Spectroscopy Division

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Overview of Spectroscopy Division

Overview of Spectroscopy  Division

The Spectroscopy Division is responsible for the maintenance and management of public beamlines, which are equipped with devices for spectroscopic measurements such as X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) spectroscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy.  This division continuously provides a suitable environment for cutting-edge synchrotron-radiation-based experiments and supports the users of the beamlines.  This division strives to improve the devices installed at the beamlines to ensure their operation as advanced measurement devices with outstanding utility and convenience.  This division is also developing new advanced measurement methods that combine spectroscopy and imaging as well as next-generation measurement methods based on time-division measurement.  In addition, the support provided by this division is not limited to technical aspects.  In fact, this division actively provides consultations with users concerning their research projects to meet their high and diverse requirements so that the users can fulfill the aims of their projects.


The Spectroscopy Division consists of the following two teams, which provide the services described above.

  • Spectroscopic Imaging Team
  • Advanced Spectroscopy Team

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Kensuke Tono