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Precision Spectroscopy Division

Overview of the Precision Spectroscopy Division

The Precision Spectroscopy Division supports public beamtime using the methods of non-resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (IXS) and nuclear resonant scattering (NRS). IXS provides full access to phonon dispersion in crystalline, disordered, and liquid samples with meV resolution, while NRS provides phonon density of states (DOS) information with unmatched specificity and quality. These complimentary techniques can be readily applied to small (micron scale) samples, as is made easier by the extremely high intensity beams available at SPring-8 due our specialized insertion devices. In addition, NRS includes spectroscopic techniques with ~neV resolution that may be used to investigate both slow atomic motion and hyperfine levels, and may be applied to probe more fundamental physical properties. Most work is done at BL35XU, with occasional work at other beamlines. Notably the move of the NRS program from its original home at BL09XU to the optimized BL35XU lead to increases of a factor of 2 or more in flux in all setups. We, in collaboration with SPring-8 users, are happy to apply established methods to new samples and problems, and also to further develop advanced techniques. New users, especially, are encourage to investigate the opportunities made possible using the methods supported by the Precision Spectroscopy Division.


Division Scientists

Alfred Q.R. Baron

Alfred Q.R. Baron

Yoshitaka Yoda

Daisuke Ishikawa

Hiroshi Fukui


Taishun Manjo