Overview of Diffraction and Scattering Division

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Overview of Diffraction and Scattering Division

Overview of Diffraction and Scattering Division

The Diffraction and Scattering Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of experimental hatches of 7 beamlines and part of two of the 26 public beamlines at SPring-8. These beamlines are equipped with diffraction and/or scattering experiment setup. Division staffs also support user experiments and develop new measurement and analysis methods at each beamline. The research fields of the users cover a wide range, including material science, earth science, environmental science, electronics, chemistry, material engineering, medical science, and life science and so on. Division staffs develop the measurement systems most suitable for each research purpose and make them available for advanced research applications.

The division consists of the following two teams.

Powder Diffraction and Total Scattering Team
BL02B2, BL04B1, BL04B2, BL08W, and BL10XU

Multi-purpose Diffraction and Scattering Team
BL02B1, BL08W, BL13XU, BL28B2, and BL40XU


Key member


玉作 賢治

Kenji Tamasaku

Division Scientist

Satoshi Tsutsui