Tenure-track researcher

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Tenure-track researcher

Open call for the first half of FY2024 Tenure-track researcher positions has begun.


  The tenue-track researcher system is a fixed-term staff system with a view to being promoted to permanent employment (until retirement age) researcher. After being employed, you will be required to perform research work related to operation, maintenance, improvement and upgrading, as well as support for users experiment. You will be also required to take the initiative with free imagination in research and development work related to radiation light science conducted by JASRI.

Attribute of this system

  Since this position is based on the assumption that the employee will be promoted to a permanent employment researcher, you can work on research and development with the long –term view point and schedule.
 You will lean research and communication abilities at the research environment, and acquire necessary qualities for taking charge of future synchrotron radiation facilities. 
 The examination for becoming permanent employment researchers will be conducted during the contract period. Those who pass the examination will be assigned to the permanent employment (until retirement age) researcher after the expiry of the contract period of Tenure-track Researcher (3 years).

Required Qualifications

   Applicants should have or expecting to receive a Ph.D. by the date that he/she assume the position.
 Those who are willing to perform their tasks independently based on the business plan of JASRI.

Contract Period

  A contract period for Tenure-track Researcher will be renewed every year, and up to a total of 3 years from the date of employment.

Selection Schedule

   There are open recruitments for this position twice a year. The selection process consists of a first selection (application screening) , a second selection (presentation and interview) and a final examination (general interview).


  First half (tentative) Second half (tentative)
Open call period               May 1st ~ June 28th        September 1st ~ October 31st

First selection
(application screening)

 Early July  Early November
Second selection 
 (Presentation and interview)
 Mid July   Mid November
Final test   
  (general interview)
 Late July  Late November
Result notification  Early August  Early December
Start date April 1st (Depending on the budget situation and coordination with the indivisual, the start date may be before March)

 ※The number of open recruitment may be changed depending on the foundation’s plan and budget. 

Past records

  The tenure-track researcher system has been adopted in FY2020. The results of past recruitment are as follows.
    ■FY2020 (First half) : 5 persons were employed
    ■FY2020 (Second half) : 4 persons were employed

  ■FY2021 (First half) : 7 persons were employed
    ■FY2021 (Second half) : 6 persons were employed

    ■FY2022 (First half) : 6 persons were employed
    ■FY2022 (Second half) : 4 persons were employed

    ■FY2023 (First half) : 5 persons were employed
    ■FY2023 (Second half) : 3 persons were employed