Overview of Industrial Application and Partnership Division

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Overview of Industrial Application and Partnership Division

Overview of Industrial Application and Partnership Division


The aim of the Industrial Application and Partnership Division is to open up new academic research areas that will bring about new industries, that enable a wide range of industrial applications, or that will be highly beneficial to society, as well as to provide high-level technical support to users, thus contributing to the development of industrial science and fundamental technology for industries.


SPring-8 is a large advanced research institute that is open to users from academia, industry, and government agencies. With the development of excellent research methods using high-brilliance synchrotron radiation, SPring-8 has offered unmatched performance in the areas of advanced science and technology. SPring-8 will produce even greater achievements and its value will be maximized when their facilities are matched with appropriate research targets and projects. Now that SPring-8 is shifting to the utilization phase, the Industrial Application Division provides active support to promote the utilization of SPring-8, which in turn will lead to even better achievements.


  • Lectures: Lectures given by experts who have considerable experience as users
  • Workshops: Experimental practices at beamlines under the guidance of SPring-8 staff
  • Consulting: Consultation by coordinators on a variety of issues
  • Technical support: Technical guidance, experiment support, joint experiments, etc.


  • Engineering Science Research I (BL19B2)
  • Engineering Science Research II (BL14B2)
  • Engineering Science Research III (BL46XU)

Key member


Hirosawa Ichiro

Akira Yamaguchi