Overview of Industrial Application and Partnership Division

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Overview of Industrial Application and Partnership Division

Overview of Industrial Application and Partnership Division

Industrial Application and Partnership Division promotes applications of synchrotron radiation-sourced tools at public beamlines of SPring-8 to be used mainly by scientists and researchers from various industry sectors. We cover wide variety of industry sectors, such as, semiconductor, energy, metal, polymer, food, toiletry, and so forth. The division serves with object of promoting utilizations of SPring-8 to solve various research and development problems through collaboration with researchers in industry sectors.


We provide following services to better utilize analytical instruments of SPring-8, namely, X-ray diffraction and scattering, XAS, PES, X-ray imaging, etc.

 〇 Consultancy and execution support for experiments: Advising on experimental design and suggesting for successful proposals. Supporting the execution of experiments for each proposal approved.

 〇 Development of experimental instruments: Developing and customizing experimental instruments to suit each proposal’s need.

 〇 Support for data analysis: Implementing algorithms for efficient data analyses by users.


The division also makes efforts to enhance users’ convenience and expand application opportunities:

 〇 Improvement of accessibility to SPring-8: Improving accessibility to SPring-8 capabilities by offering and arranging access modes suitable for industrial users in various environments and timeframes of R&Ds.

 〇 Outreach: Exploring new users and new research interests over various industry sectors.


Industrial R&Ds could require multidisciplinary approaches to solving their problems, leading to multimodal analysis. In order to encourage cross-over utilization of various analytical instruments of SPring-8, we are establishing a cross-over user support system across beamlines, and developing multi-instrument staffs, who can play the roles of user support for multi analytical instruments including their data analyses. Besides, we have proceeded cooperation with external facilities for public use of light and neutron sources in order to make the most of the results of industrial application of SPring-8 by expanding the multimodal analysis. Lastly but not least, we promote industry-academia collaboration to leverage insights of academia to deepen and broaden industrial applications of SPring-8.

Key member


Hirosawa Ichiro

Akira Yamaguchi