Overview of Light Source Division

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Overview of Light Source Division

Overview of Light Source Division

The accelerator system of SPring-8 consists of a linear accelerator that generates electron beams and accelerates them to 1 GeV, a synchrotron that accelerates these electron beams to 8 GeV, and a storage ring in which the high-energy electron beams of 8 GeV are injected and stored to generate synchrotron radiation. It accelerates electron beams and stores low-emittance electron beams. The synchrotron radiation beamlines that are connected to the storage ring consist of an insertion device, a front end, optics and a transport channel, and a radiation shielding hutch; the beamlines serve as the infrastructure equipment for providing users with high-brilliance synchrotron radiation, mainly in the X-ray region. The control system controls all accelerators and beamlines and ensures radiation safety.

The Light Source Division is in charge of the maintenance, operation, and performance improvement of these synchrotron radiation light sources. While fulfilling its responsibility of providing a stable supply of high-brilliance synchrotron radiation, this division also endeavors to meet the needs arising from advanced research by improving the performance of light sources.

The Light Source Division consists of the following six groups.

  • Beam Dynamics and Monitor Group
  • Accelerator Machine Group
  • Insertion Device and Front End Group
  • Optics and Transport Channel Group
  • Technical Development Group
  • Control Group

Key members


後藤 俊治

Syunj Goto

Deputy Director

渡部 貴宏

Takahiro Watanabe

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