Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute(JASRI)XFEL Utilization Division Research Scientist【No.22A006】

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Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute(JASRI)XFEL Utilization Division Research Scientist【No.22A006】

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) is currently seeking candidates for Research Scientist Position.

1. Recruiting Division and Number of positions

  XFEL Utilization Division          
  Research Scientist 1 position  

2. Job description 

  The successful applicants will promote advanced experimental instrumentation (including optical lasers for
  pump-probe experiments), method development, and user support at the X-ray free-electron laser facility SACLA. 
  Researchers who are motivated to explore new optical science are encouraged to apply.

3. Required Qualifications

  Applicants should have or expect to receive a Ph.D. before the date of employment, or have a level equivalent of
  a Ph.D. Also, a person who is willing to advance assigned tasks. 

4. Start of Employment

   As early as possible after November 1st, 2022 

5. Probation Period

   6 months from the date of employment

6. Work location

   Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)
  1-1-1 Kouto, Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun, Hyogo, Japan

7. Salary and Benefits

   Working hours :9:00-17:30 (12:00-13:00 break)
         Base salary: Determined according to applicant’s career
               【Basic salary model】 Doctoral Degree 257,100 yen                       
         Allowance:  Overtime allowance
                           Research allowance (base salary × 4.5%)
                           Commuting allowance (up to 55,000 yen/ month)
                           Housing allowance (up to 28,000 yen/ month)
                           Dependent allowance 
                           Term-end allowance (base salary + research allowance + dependent allowance) × 4.45 months
                           (FY2021 results)

          Midnight shift allowance
           Reference: Monthly Salary Model
                           5 years of experience with Ph.D.   360,000 yen*
                          *Base salary, research allowance, overtime allowance (20 hours )
   Raise in base salary:Once a year (April)
   Holiday:Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays, National holidays, Year-End and New Year holidays (Dec.29-Jan.3)  
   Leave:Annual paid leave, Special paid leave (seasonal leave, congratulation or condolence leave, etc.)
   Insurance::Health insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance  

8. Application and required documents

   (1) Resume with photo
    ・Applicants need to use  the specified (PDF/ MS Word/Entry example) form.
    ・Handwriting is not acceptable.
  ・Please write “No. 22A006” on upper left corner of your CV. 
   (2) Outline of your Research activities
    ・Submit a summary of your research achievement on up to three A4-sized pages. 
  (3)Research plan
    ・Describe your research plan and future aspirations up to two A4-sized pages.
  (4)List of achievements
    ・Submit a list of publications, conference presentations, and competitive grants in A4 sized paper as long as
       you can open to the public.  
  (5)Up to five copies of publications that represent your best work
    ・Any format is acceptable.
    (6) Declaration of applicable specific categories
    (7) One or more recommendation letters
    ・Recommender must be an external person of JASRI.
  ・Recommendation from applicant him/herself is NOT acceptable. 
  ・Any format is acceptable. 

9. How to submit the application and documents

   Please submit (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) listed in “8. Application and required documents” in accordance with the followings.
   ・Send the documents as PDF files to jinji-saiyo@spring8.or.jp via e-mail.
   ・The subject line of the e-mail should be "【No.22A006】application documents-name."
   ・The required documents should be in complied 2 files (put (2)(3)(4)(5)(6) together). The file names should be (1)
        Name_Resume, (2)~(6) Name_Other documents. When you need to send documents (2)~(6) separately due to
        the file size, please indicate the name of each file such as (2) Name_ Outline of Research activities, (3)
        Name_Research plan so that we can identify them.

   For (7) listed in “8. Application and required documents”, submit it in accordance with the followings.
     ・Send the recommendation letter as PDF file to jinji-saiyo@spring8.or.jp by e-mail from the Recommender.
     ・The subject line of the e-mail should be "【No.22A006】Recommendation letter".
     ・Recommender's signature must be required on the recommendation letter.

   If you have any concerns or problems with submitting documents, please contact the General Affairs and
   Personnel Section by e-mail.

10. Handling personal information

    JASRI only use submitted documents for screening. We do not disclose, transfer or lend your personal information
    to the third party without a justifiable reason.
    Please note that the application documents will not be returned.

11. Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (FEFTA)

   In accordance with the clarification of the scope of control for “deemed export” under the FEFTA, some provision of
   sensitive technology to employees by research institutions has become subject to control under the FEFTA. Therefore, 
   applicants will be required to submit a “Declaration of applicable specific categories” when applying for this position.
   In addition, a  “confirmation letter” will be required to submit at the time of employment.

12. Deadline

    August 31, 2022(Wed.)  3:00 p.m. (in JST)

13. Selection schedule (tentative) 

   (1) Schedule    
   ・First selection (document screening):Early-September
         ・Second selection (presentation and interview):Mid-September
         ・Final selection (general interview):Late-September
     ※The schedule may change depending on the spread of coronavirus infection.

     (2) Points to keep in mind
        ①In the second selection (presentation and interview), a presentation about the following contents will
           be required.
         ・Research achievements : Regarding your research career and research activities
         ・Research plans : Describe how you will apply your research achievements to fit the Job description contents
            in the above, also how you will develop and approach to challenges
       ②After your presentation, we will have a Q&A session.

14. Send application to

    General Administration Division, General Affairs and Personnel Section, 

15. Contact information

 ・For more information about your desired field, job description and required qualification, please contact the person
    in charge below.  
     XFEL Utilization Division  Director Makina Yabashi

 ・For information other than the above, please contact the following receptionist.  
     General Administration Division, General Affairs and Personnel Section,
   TEL : 0791-58-0951      FAX : 0791-58-2794
   1-1-1Kouto, Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun, Hyogo  678-5198  Japan