Tenure-track researcher【No.20T001】

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Tenure-track researcher【No.20T001】

 Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) is currently seeking candidates for Tenure-track Researcher Position.

 1. Number of position

8 positions  

 2. Recruiting Division and Job

 (1)Center for Synchrotron Radiation Research

  Center for Synchrotron Radiation Research recruit researchers who will carry out the research and development of new measurement technologies using high-brilliance hard X-rays and soft X-rays of SPring-8,  the research utilizing these technologies, exploring new needs of users, supporting for users experiments, and operation and maintain of beamlines.

  1-1)Spectroscopy and Imaging Division

  We seek a highly motivated researcher with an interest in developing a new X-ray spectroscopy/ X-ray imaging  techniques and promoting the developed techniques to the novel research field.

   1-2)Diffraction and Scattering Division

   We recruit researchers performing research and user support at one or more diffraction or scattering beamlines. We welcome researchers who have experience in this field as possible, and those who are motivated and are able to take a responsible approach to work.

    1-3)Protein Crystal Analysis Division

   We recruit researchers who carry out research on protein crystal analysis and structural biology. We welcome those who are actively engaged in maintain and improve the experimental environments including the beamlines, and supporting users, and also have an interest in elucidating biological phenomena at the atomic and molecular level.

    1-4)Industrial Application Division

   It is important to solve the fundamental and essential problems of materials and products when private companies develop new products and improve existing products. We welcome scientists who dedicate    themselves to the development of  techniques of diffraction, scattering, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, etc. and seek out new industrial applications of these technologies.

・Homepage of Center for Synchrotron Radiation Research

 (2)Light Source Division

  We recruit researchers who are engaged in the maintenance, operation and improvement of accelerator and synchrotron radiation beamlines in SPring-8, and responsible for the technical development for upgrading SPring-8  Light Source. The field of work is one of basic technology of synchrotron radiation like Beam physics, Magnet, RF, Ultra-high vacuum, Insertion Device, X-ray optics, Machine Control, Radiation Shielding, etc.

  (3)Information-Technology Promotion Division

  We need researchers involved in the research and development of equipment control and data acquisition systems related to synchrotron radiation experiments, and the research of experimental data processing using information and computer science. We also welcome those who have communication skills, who can collaborate and cooperate with people, and who can work with interest.
Even better if you have experience in system construction using equipment control programming (C, Python) via network telecommunication.

3. Required Qualifications

  Applicants should have or expecting to receive a Ph.D. by the time of employment.
Those who are willing to carry out their duties on their initiative based on the business plan of JASRI.

 4. Contract Period

  A contract period for Tenure-track Researcher will be renewed every year,  and up to a total of 3 years from the date of employment.

 5. Appintment of the Permanent Researcher

  A tenure examination will be conducted during the contract period mentioned above, and those who pass the examination will be assigned to the Permanent Researcher after the expiry of the contract period of Tenure-track Researcher(3 years).

 Please refer to the following for the tenure track researcher system(Japanese text only).

6. Start of Employment

April 1st, 2021
(Due to budget conditions and coordination with employers, it may be before March 2021.)

 7. Salary and Benefits

 Working hours :9:00-17:30 (12:00-13:00 break)

           Base salary: Determined according to career
                         【Basic salary model】 Doctoral Degree 257,100 yen (FY2019 results)
           Allowance: Research allowance (base salary × 4.5%)
                             Overtime allowance
                             Commuting allowance (up to 55,000 yen)
                             Housing allowance (up to 28,000 yen)
                             Dependent allowance
                             Term-end allowance (base salary + research allowance + dependent allowance) × 4.5 months (FY2019 results)
            Remarks: Monthly Salary Model
                          5 years experience after completion of doctoral degree 359,000 yen*
                         *Base salary, research allowance, overtime allowance (20 hours )
 Raise in base salary:Once a year(April)
 Holiday:Saturday,Sunday,National holiday and Year-end and new year (Dec.29-Jan.3)  
 Leave:Annual paid leave
 Special paid leave (seasonal leave, congratulation or condolence leave, etc.)
 Insurance::Health insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance  

8. Application and required documents

 (1)Contact information
  Please contact us below for the contents of duties and for your questions by E-mail first.  


Contact person



Spectroscopy and Imaging Division





Diffraction and Scattering Division


Shigeru Kimura



Protein Crystal Analysis Division


Takashi Kumasaka



Industrial Application Division

Deputy Director

Masugu Sato



Light Source Division


Shunji Goto



Information-Technology Promotion Division


Choji Saji



                                                                                                                   ※Please replace [at] with @

 (2)Required documents(by mail)
①Resume with photo(Applicants need to use  the specified form.)(*)  PDF  / Word)
②Outline of your Research activities
③Research plan (aspiration, etc.)        
④List of achievements (List of presented papers or conference presentations)
⑤Up to five copies of publications that represent your best work
⑥One or more recommendation letters (Recommender must be an external person of JASRI. Recommendation from applicant him/herself is NOT accepted. There is no specific format.)   

 ※Please prepare the documents  ②-④ and ⑥ in A4 paper.
 ※Please do not staple the documents.
 ※Please write the Division name you will apply in the column “Your request to our institute” in a resume.
 (*) Either hand writing in a PDF file or typing in a MS-word file are acceptable. 

 Please Note
・JASRI only use submitted documents for screening. We do not disclose, transfer or lend your personal information to the third party without a justifiable reason.
・Application documents will not be returned.

9. Application Deadline

July 31, 2020 (must arrive)

10. Send your application to

 Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)
 General Administration Division, General Affairs and Personnel Section, 
 1-1-1 Kouto, Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun, Hyogo 679-5198 Japan 
 Tel.+81-791-58-0951   Fax.+81-791-58-2794
※Please write  the advertisement number “No.20T001” in red on the envelope.

 11. Selection schedule 

  First selection (application screening) :  Mid-August
Second selection (interview) : Early September to early October
 ※It may change due to the spread of Coronavirus inflection.