Fostering of successors

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Fostering of successors

Fostering of successors

JASRI provides support to student users.

SPring-8 Summer School

SPring-8 Summer School is an educational course for students. It is held every summer by the institutes, including JASRI, that maintain facilities within the campus of SPring-8, the universities that have graduate school partnerships with these institutes, and the universities that maintain beamlines and educate students within the campus of SPring-8. Beamtime is offered and instructors are accredited by these institutes and universities.

Budding Researchers Support Proposals

Since 2005, students in doctoral programs have been able to use SPring-8 through the Budding Researchers Support Proposals Program.

In the Budding Researchers Support Proposals Program, students are provided with support, including travel costs and actual costs of supplies, so that they can afford to implement their research proposals. Also, a consultation service is available to students who need advice on the possibility of using synchrotron radiation in their research subjects and on the measurement methods they can use before submitting their research proposals.

SPring-8 Budding Researchers Support Workshop and Budding Researchers Award

The SPring-8 Budding Researchers Support Workshops were annually held to give opportunities for those who did the proposals to present their achievements led by the SPring-8 Budding Researchers Support Proposal. The workshops also served as the selection for the Budding Researchers Awards.